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Optical measurement devices

Optical systems play an important role in industry, R&D and production and in everyday life. Miniaturization in  semiconductor  industry  and  life  sciences,  as  well  as optical  applications  in  mass-production  markets  like  smartphones or ophthalmology, strongly depend on the outstanding quality of the involved optical elements.

Since  its  foundation  in  2001,  Optocraft  is  developing high-quality  optical  measurement  devices.  Numerous  customers  working  in  R&D  in  different  territories  and markets  rely  on  well-tried  Optocraft workmanship. The goal is to prove the quality of your products like for example lenses, microscope objectives or laser systems.

Managing Director Dr. Johannes Pfund

Managing Director Dr. Johannes Pfund

With  its  substantial  know-how,  OC’s  team opens up innovative solutions for advances in metrology and  for  individual  customer  requests.  In  this  way,  it  is possible to provide efficient standardized systems as well as  perfectly  customized  solutions.  From  the  first  idea to the daily work: Optocraft is your partner in optical metrology.