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Your market: Astronomy and Space

Wavefront sensors and WFS based test systems are well established in astronomy and space technology. Yet, Optocraft's solutions SHSLab and SHSInspect provide superior reliability and accuracy. The dynamic range of the wavefront sensor opens up completely new measurement approaches and offers unequalled ease of use in daily work.
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Telescope manufacturers

High end wave-front sensors with extremely high intrinsic accuracy for testing telescope optics and alignment of telescopes.
Extreme measurement dynamic range, important for measurement of aspherical optics or poor initial adjustment states.Wave-front sensors are working over broad wavelength ranges.
Tailored accessories available such as light sources, imaging optics, etc.Software is easy to apply in production environment and R&D.

Space Technology

Realization of high-end metrology systems for testing optics and alignment of optical systems for space scientific instrumentation (Optical Ground Support Equipment) Measurement systems in double pass configuration providing outstanding performance.

Individual adaption to specific needs, high evaluation rate allows for system alignment in realtime, sensors for all relevant wavelength ranges. (DUV-SWIR).

Besides the buildup of measurement systems, Optocraft is providing engineering support (optical simulation and system design), installation and training services and more.


Adaptive Optics

Based on our experience in the setup and usage of fast wave-front sensors, Optocraft is a reliable partner for planning and development of applications in the field of Adaptive Optics.

Optocraft's wave-front sensors can be used with AO components of different technologies and vendors.

Due to the usage of different interfaces and SDKs, ultra-fast cameras of all state-of-the-art manufactures (First Light Imaging, ANDOR etc.) can be used to develop adequate individual wave-front sensor solutions.

Active Optics

For „Bright Light“ applications: broad range of wave-front sensors based on standard industrial cameras (uncooled).

For low light applications: Custom specific wave-front sensors based on cooled low-noise cameras from state-of-the-art manufactures (Apogee, FLI, etc.) via USB, Gigabit Ethernet or CameraLink.

Full System integration support: measurement software can easily be integrated into customers software via bidirectional data link (TCP/IP).

Microlens design can be individually adapted to specific needs.

Testimonial Astronomy and Space

“At Airbus Defence and Space several different models of Optocrafts wavefront sensors are in use as OGSE (Optical Ground Support Equipment) in our clean rooms. The large dynamic range for the wavefront measurement and the absolute tilt monitor can easily be combined with other measurement tools such that our optical systems for space applications can be integrated in a fast and efficient way.”

Airbus Defence&Space