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Your market: Optics Industries

Optical systems play an important role in industry, R&D and production as well as in everyday life. Miniaturization in semiconductor industry and life sciences, as well as optical applications in mass-production markets like smartphones or ophthalmology strongly depend on the outstanding quality of the involved optical elements.

Optocraft supports this market with superior wavefront sensors, measurement modules, complete and automated or customized solutions. Please find out below Optocrafts solutions for...

Optics Industries

Metrology in optics industry

Enabling technology

Optical metrology is an enabling technology for a multitude of applications in various disciplines and industries such as microscopy, semiconductor industry, automobile, consumer electronics, etc.. Optical systems used today range from moderate to ultra-high quality, from a few microns to a few meters, from one-by-one to mass production in quantities of billions. It is a well-known principle that one can only produce accurately what can be tested.

Optocraft offers metrology instruments for optical components, optical systems, laser systems and mass optics. Optocraft’s products enable reliable measurements and thus feed the necessary knowledge back to the development and production processes of the customers.

Quality in R&D and production

Reliable and versatile measurement devices

Optocraft’s Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors and instruments are well known to institutes, R&D departments and optics companies, for their high quality and measurement range, for their sophisticated software and for their versatility in daily use.

The products range from sensor components, measurement modules to complete multifunctional measurement solutions. They are used for basic research, product-development and quality control in R&D and production.

Besides standard solutions, Optocraft offers consulting and customized solutions as an added service. It is Optocrafts dedication to offer the best possible solution to the customer, so he can assess the quality of his optical products in an easy and efficient way.

Metrology Solutions

Multifunction optical test systems

Optocrafts Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors and measurement modules can be used by the customers as a metrology core to build their own optical testing set-ups in transmission and reflection. Moreover, Optocraft offers complete multi-functional optical test workstations for the measurement of wave aberrations, imaging quality (e.g., point-spread function, modulation-transfer function, Strehl ratio) and sample characteristics (e.g., focal length, field testing, chromatic aberrations, polarization effects). Besides sensors for wavefront-based testing, additional vision control cameras are used for surface defect recognition or dimensional testing.

Workstations are available for manual or for semi- or fully-automated operation and can be integrated into the workflow of the customers.

Automated test systems

Fast measurement tools for mass production

Mass production applications profit from automated quality assurance. The main target is to keep constant quality as it has to be delivered to the customers and, thus, to achieve high yield and cost efficiency in production.

Optocraft’s stand-alone mass production test tools and in-line inspection systems are based on high-speed and robust wavefront sensor technology. Designed for production environment, they can be adapted to measure tray based or wafer based samples, and can be integrated into robot-guided optics fabrication lines. The measured data can be fed back to the production environment and be used for statistical process control.


“As a global leader in production of high precision optics and systems for demanding customers, e.g., in the semiconductor or medical field, every day we are working at the limit of what is feasible. Oftentimes, metrology for online quality control of our products during manufacturing, assembly or during the final testing is not commercially available. Therefore, we depend on partners who develop and deliver customized innovative metrology solutions. This requires a high degree of creativity, know-how in physics and a maximum amount of flexibility.
Also when facing demanding tasks, Optocraft fulfills these requirements with strong personal commitment and in a professional way.”

Mr. Thomas Thöniß