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SHSOphthalmic: Universal test Systems for contacts and IOLs

SHSOphthalmic is a group of instruments that is dedicated to the ophthalmic market. The major focus is on the measurement of contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses, but it is not limited to these lens types. The overall functionality range includes the measurement of surface properties in reflection, of optical performance in transmission, of geometric data and of visual defects.

Some of the systems of the SHSOphthalmic group offer just one functionality, some offer several. But all products offer excellent performance and functional range. Upon customer request, Optocraft is always happy to extend or amend the standard instruments or to develop fully customized solutions.


SHSOphthalmic base – Refractive data

SHSOphthalmic base is a table top instrument for testing power and imaging quality of contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses. It features high speed of evaluation (< 0.25 sec), turnkey and easy operation, excellent reproducibility and accuracy, ruggedness through no moving parts during measurement.

SHSOphthalmic omniSpect – All-in-one for contact lenses

The SHSOphthalmic omniSpect is a fully integrated workstation for the quality control of contact lenses. By integrating several functionalities into one system it revolutionizes the inspection workflow with its unique performance and ease of use. All relevant parameters of soft contact lenses can be measured in less than a minute: refractive data, geometric data and cosmetic defects.

SHSOphthalmic omniSpect has been designed to reduce inter-operator-variability and to greatly improve performance in the quality control process. This is achieved by several core components, e.g. the unique wet cell cuvette with superior handling properties and the all-new software with an ergonomic graphical user interface.

SHSOphthalmic autoROC - Surface and radius of curvature

SHSOphthalmic autoROC is an automated metrology system for ophthalmic lenses, molds and metal tools. Within seconds SHSOphthalmic autoROC delivers precise measurement data for deviation of shape and radius of curvature of spherical, toric and weak aspherical surfaces. With the integrated vision camera, the surface can be inspected for lathe grooves, scratches, digs, and polishing errors.


SHSOphthalmic inline/custom - Inline testing of lenses in production

The technology and solutions built into the standard products of Optocraft are also available for the development of customized solutions. Especially, inline measurement modules made for testing of optics in production lines without operator intervention rely on the high speed and stability of Optocraft's hardware and software. Customized solutions are based on strong partnership and cooperation. Talk to us, Optocraft is ready for your request.