SHSOphthalmic autoROC

Complete surface shape characterisation of tools, molds and semi-finished lenses within seconds


  • Measurement of the surface shape
  • Determination of apex radius and conic constant
  • Complete Zernike analysis
  • Semi-automated measurements

Automated measurement of the surface geometry

SHSOphthalmic autoROC is a turnkey table-top device which offers comprehensive analysis possibilities for the surfaces of ophthalmic lenses. Within a few seconds, it delivers precise measurement data on deviations of shape and the radius of curvature of spherical, toric and aspherical surfaces. The device is also used for lathe calibration.

The integrated vision control camera provides a clear image of lathe grooves, scratches and polishing errors, the fine adjustment of the sample under test is automated.

By exchanging the microscope lens used for illumination, the measuring range can be flexibly adapted to the radius of curvature of the surface to be tested. Moreover, the device has a motorized internal aperture to suppress stray light.

  • Measurement of surface shape deviation
  • Spheric, toric and aspheric surfaces
  • Zernike-analysis
  • Determination of apex radius and conic constant

We are happy to supply detailed specifications on request.

The SHSOphthalmic autoROC operates with Optocraft’s powerful Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks. It is expanded to include functions for automated test piece positioning, and for adjusting the aspherical parameters.

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