Wavefront metrology for observatories

From smaller reflecting telescopes with diameters of less than a meter to the giants of our time – Shack-Hartmann sensors are used across the whole range.

Active optics

In order to compensate for e.g. gravitational effects or temperature-related misalignments, an extremely precise measurement of the wavefront is vital. Wavefront sensors shine with their outstanding basic accuracy.

A wide range of wavefront sensor heads based on standard industrial cameras is available for bright light. For low-light applications, customer-specific sensors use cooled cameras with a high S/N ratio, and are controlled via USB, Ethernet or CameraLink. The micro-lens array can also be tailored to special requirements.

The Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks is the universal tool for data acquisition, evaluation and output, and can even deal with obstructions, caused for example by “spiders”. Thanks to a bidirectional TCP/IP interface, Optocraft’s SHSWorks software can be connected to the customer’s software with little effort. Alternatively, a comprehensive SDK is available for direct integration..

Adaptive optics

Adaptive optics correct the effects of turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere on laser communication. Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors are used to detect the turbulence-induced aberrations accurately, and at very high speed (up to 1 kHz).

With extensive experience in the development and application of fast wavefront sensors, Optocraft is the perfect partner for when it comes to adaptive optics. SHSLab Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors can be used with technologies from various manufacturers. The SHSWorks software provides an SDK for the integration of fast cameras of all brands, delivering individual sensor solutions.

Laser guide star systems

For the alignment and characterization of Laser Guide Star systems, SHSLab wavefront sensors are used. They are versatile when it comes to different laser wavelengths, and provide a quantitative analysis of the adjustment status at evaluation rates between 4Hz and 30Hz. Lastly, the quality of the final system is measured with excellent basic accuracy, and documented directly in the software.

Our solution for observatories

SHSLab wavefront sensors measure precisely and fast in a wide range of wavelengths. Available for DUV (193nm-355nm), UV (266nm-405nm), VIS/NIR (355nm-1064nm) and SWIR (980nm-1700nm). Tailored versions for customer-specific applications on request.

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