Wavefront sensing in medical technology

Measurement of microscope objective lenses

In microscopy, endoscopy and generally in imaging processes in medical technology, optics are used that often have to meet the highest demands. Both the minimization of the field curvature and the correction of chromatic errors play an important role.

The measurement of the transmitted wavefront enables a precise determination of the image quality as well as the active alignment of the optical system. The detailed Zernike analysis of the wavefront, on-axis and in the field, as well as the possibility of measuring at different wavelengths, have a decisive advantage over traditional MTF methods. Used worldwide in production, quality assurance and R&D, Optocraft’s wavefront measurement technology contributes to the improvement of optical processes and systems in medicine.

Characterization of medical lasers

The characterization and adjustment of laser systems for diagnostics or therapy is a typical task for the SHSLab wavefront sensor. Femtosecond lasers, such as those used in LASIK, consist of complex optical systems whose adjustment requires expert knowledge and some experience. The wavefront measurement simplifies the adjustment process at various points and also provides a quantitative evaluation of the collimation and the laser beam quality after the adjustment has been completed.

Our solution for medical technology

Systems and modules of the SHSInspect family measure the transmitted wavefront, PSF and MTF. Moreover, they provide information on colour aberrations, focal length and polarization effects, and enable measurements at field points. SHSLab wavefront sensors deliver fast and precise measurements at a wide range of wavelengths.

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