Laser beam shaping using wavefront metrology

Precise characterization of adaptive optics

Applications which require specifically adapted, flexible phase and intensity distributions often apply adaptive optics such as deformable mirrors, LCoS or spatial light modulators. These components can be characterized and calibrated with SHSLab wavefront sensors.

Variably adjustable wavefronts are also needed in laser beam shaping with adaptive optics, pulse shaping, holography or when using optical traps. Optocraft offers Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with high frame rates for these applications.

The perfect pair of hard- and software

In addition to a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI), the Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks also has a powerful, no fuss TCP/IP data interface that allows direct access to the measurement results, and is an elegant solution for such applications.

For applications requiring the maximum frame rates or if more complex, individual evaluations are necessary, an SDK is also available for integration into the customer application.

Our solution for Laser laser beam shaping

The SHSLab wavefront sensor enables fast and accurate wavefront measurements in a wide range of wavelengths. Available for DUV (193nm-355nm), UV (266nm-405nm), VIS / NIR (355nm-1064nm) and SWIR (980nm-1700nm).

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