Characterization of lenses and optical systems for lithography

Lithographic systems use complex optics and lenses – e.g. for wafer inspection. These have to handle high power throughput and require a high-precision projection. The priority is the monitoring and analysis of the optical quality – from the first prototypes to mass production.

When adjusting and monitoring optical systems, wavefront sensors for the DUV and UV range provide precise measurements with high intrinsic stability. Thanks to the Zernike analysis of the wavefront, even the finest misalignments are detected. The corresponding information can be accessed via the extended I/O functions of the Shack-Hartmann software, e.g. for automated adjustment.

In addition to the transmitted wavefront in the field, SHSInspect inspection systems measure the focal length, PSF/MTF and field curvature of lithographic lenses. The semi-automated measurement ensures minimal operator influence.

Our solution for lithography applications

SHSInspect systems are used for the comprehensive characterization of lenses, also in the DUV and UV range between 193nm and 400nm.
SHSLab wavefront sensors provide for fast and precise adjustment and monitoring of optical systems.

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