Inspection and alignment of optics for LiDAR and ADAS

Driver-assistance systems rely on a multitude of cameras and optical sensors to increase driving comfort and safety on the road. This involves various optics which are subjected to extensive testing, not least because of the mandatory safety aspects.

Plano optics such as protective windows used for LiDAR sensors are tested and analyzed using wavefront metrology. Also the quality of camera objective lenses is assessed during the manufacturing processed via the transmitted wavefront. The high intrinsic stability and speed of the wavefront measurement enables the use of Optocraft’s SHSInspect modules for active adjustment and inline inspection as well as the monitoring of manufacturing processes. In addition to the transmitted wavefront, the Shack-Hartmann software determines the local slope error (beam deflection map) in µrad. A high-resolution camera can also be integrated into the measuring system to detect finer defects, e.g. scratches on the surface.

Compared to classic MTF measurements, knowledge of the wavefront facilitates the identification of possible causes of errors, and provides considerably better options for comparison with simulation data. Wavefront measurement technology is also advantageous when testing flat optics such as functional protective glasses:

  • adjustable wavelength
  • high measuring speed
  • low requirements on stability or vibration isolation

Our solution for inspecting optics for automotive applications

Systems and modules of the SHSInspect family measure the transmitted wavefront, PSF and MTF. Moreover, they provide information on colour aberrations, focal length and polarization effects and enable measurements at field points, from UV (355nm) to SWIR (1700nm).

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