SHSInspect 1Xpass

Precise wavefront measurement of plano optics at different wavelengths


  • Measurement of the transmitted wavefront of plano optics
  • Complete Zernike analysis
  • Change of test wavelength
  • Additional high-resolution control camera for visual inspection

The SHSInspect 1Xpass was developed for testing plano optics such as functional glasses, gray or colour filters. As a stand-alone device, it enables the highly accurate measurement of the transmitted wavefront at different wavelengths as well as the determination of PSF and MTF. The Zernike analysis of the measured wavefront permits the quantitative analysis of the aberrations of the tested optics. Besides a pass/fail classification, sources of error can be identified and manufacturing processes optimized.

  • Testing of optical windows
  • Inspection of filters
  • Testing of LiDAR optics
  • Alignment of optical systems for ADAS
  • Camera module measurement
  • Head light optics inspection
  • objective lenses for photography
  • Smartphone objective lenses
  • Plano optics, windows & filters
  • Testing and alignment of smartphone objective lenses
  • Inspection of windows and plano optics

Owing to the excellent referencing capability, the SHSInspect 1Xpass measures the transmitted wavefront with the highest accuracy in the range of a few nm RMS. The system can be equipped with several light sources between 355nm and 1064nm. Polarization effects can be analyzed optionally.

We will be happy to provide further technical specifications on request.

The SHSInspect 1Xpass uses Optocraft’s powerful Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks with additional extensions for automated wavelength switching and the positioning of the test piece.

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