SHSInspect prio

The powerful modular system for testing contact and intra ocular lenses


  • Measurement of refractive data, image quality and diameter
  • Fast and precise (<1sec)
  • Efficient and ergonomic operation
  • Modular design

Results in the blink of an eye – powerful and fast. The modular platform for measuring refractive data, diameter and imaging quality.

The SHSOphthalmic prio measures three key parameters for the quality of contact lenses in one single step: refractive data (sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, refractive power distribution), diameter and image quality. The modular design allows you to select the configuration that best suits your individual application and to retrofit or adapt some of the options at a later date.

Suitable for quality testing of contact lenses in air or saline, the system delivers measurement results almost instantaneously – as soon as the lens is placed on the sample interface. In addition to the fast evaluation rate, Optocraft’s wavefront technology provides high intrinsic stability so that the device can be used both in the laboratory and in production.

In addition to lenses with spheric or toric design, the SHSInspect prio is used for testing multifocal lenses. In addition to the wavefront, the refractive power distribution of the multifocal lens is analyzed. The multifunctional illumination module increases the visibility of edge defects and scratches and improves the detection of marks that cannot be detected under standard lighting.

The SHSInspect prio is now also available with an open-top cuvette, which simplifies the handling of soft contact lenses and reduces the time required for the measurement process.

  • Testing of RGP and soft lenses
  • Instantaneous measurement of refractive data and imaging quality
  • Visual defect recognition
  • Measurement of lens geometry
  • Schnelle Inline-Prüfung
  • Flexible Integration in Produktionslinien und Anlagen
  • Robuste Messung mit hoher intrinsischer Stabilität
  • IOL testing in liquid
  • Instantaneous measurement of refractive data and imaging quality
  • Haptics-recognition
  • Visual defect recognition
  • Testing of optical windows
  • Inspection of filters

The SHSOphthalmic prio is available in different versions and with various options (see the configurator above):

  • Open-top cuvette: control temperature and cleanliness and load/unload softlenses with unrivaled ease
  • Refractive data / Wavefront: The increased Shack-Hartmann resolution of 157 x 157 measuring points is recommended for testing multifocal lenses with step design
  • Lens image : The high-resolution observation camera enables the detection of defects
  • Darkfield, telecentric illumination: Visualize defects with high contrast and high quality images, improve mark detection

Further details see data sheet.

The SHSOpthtalmic cito uses the powerful Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks to determine the refractive data, power distribution and Zernike analysis. The integrated evaluation of the images from the vision control camera enables quick detection of lens edge and position.

Focal points plugin available.

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