SHSOphthalmic omniSpect

Fully integrated workstation for the measurement of molded soft contact lenses


  • Measurement of refractive data, image quality, diameter, CT, sag and EBC
  • Optimized for maximum efficiency in final inspection
  • Controlled environment (saline temperature, contamination, vibrations)
  • Open-top cuvette for efficient handling of the test piece

“All-in-one Workstation” for testing of molded contact lenses in production

The SHSOphthalmic omniSpect is a fully integrated workstation for quality control of contact lenses. By combining various functions in one device, it revolutionizes the inspection workflow with its unique performance and ease of use. All relevant parameters of soft contact lenses can be determined in under a minute: refractive data, geometric data and cosmetic defects.

The SHSOphthalmic omniSpect stands out with its minimal inter-operator variability, simplified process control and significantly improved efficiency. This is achieved through a multitude of innovations, e.g. a unique cuvette with excellent handling properties and the graphical user interface of the SHSWorks control software that is tailored exactly to the task at hand.

  • Testing of RGP and soft lenses
  • Instantaneous measurement of refractive data and imaging quality
  • Visual defect recognition
  • Measurement of lens geometry

By integrating various functions into one system, the SHSOphthalmic omniSpect measures:

  • refractive data: sphere, cylinder, cylinder axis, prism, power distribution, zonal evaluation
  • geometric data: diameter, ellipticity, centre thickness, EBC, sag
  • imaging properties: transmitted wavefront and Zernike analysis
  • cosmetic defects: inclusions, bubbles, edge defects, lathe grooves, etc.

The refractive power measurement is traceably calibrated, and is carried out in accordance with ISO 18369.

We would be happy to supply further specifications on request.

The SHSOphthalmic omniSpect uses the Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks with additional sanity checks. It is specially preconfigured for the measurement tasks at hand and provides a customized user interface with simple operator guidance. The data from the wavefront sensor, vision control camera and side view camera are analyzed, processed and logged in the software.

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