SHSLab wavefront sensors

The all-purpose tool for testing optics and laser beams. Made up of the sensor head SHSCam and Optocraft’s powerful evaluation software SHSWorks.


  • High speed, single-shot measurements with up to 30Hz
  • Excellent unreferenced accuracy of few nm RMS
  • Extreme dynamics: +/- 10° Tilt, <10mm local WF-curvature
  • Broad spectral range: 355nm - 1064nm (VIS/NIR), 980nm - 1700nm (SWIR), 193nm - 400nm (UV/DUV)
  • High intrinsic stability and reliability
  • Versatile and flexible, even for demanding applications
  • Powerful, customizable evaluation software

Optocraft’s industrial grade Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors enable measurements with outstanding accuracy and dynamics with high intrinsic stability. The measurement principle of the sensors is based on capturing the wavefronts with the evaluation of a single camera frame. This whole procedure is therefore very fast and robust against external influences such as vibrations.

The combination of the hardware sensor (SHSCam) with Optocraft’s SHSWorks evaluation software (included) makes for a powerful measuring system for a wide range of applications in the field of optics and lasers, e.g. :

  • adjustment of optical systems
  • evaluation of the imaging properties
  • laser beam characterization

The SHSCam sensor family

Optocraft offers a variety of sensor models (SHSCam) that are optimized to correspond with their applications. They cover the spectral range from 193nm to 1700nm and have detection areas from 3.7 x 4.9mm² to 27.4 x 34.6mm²:

SHSLab performance examples

The outstanding performance of the SHSLab wavefront sensors is particularly evident when the going gets difficult. They can even measure strongly aberrated wavefronts and are therefore used, e.g. for aspheric testing. Adjustment processes are also made considerably easier because the sensors deliver reliable results even if the settings are initially off.

Extreme Tilt dynamic:
Over 1000 waves PV of tilt / defocus; i.e. more than +/-10° tilt
Extreme Tilt dynamic:
Extreme curvature dynamic:
Over 100 waves PV of aberrations; i.e. +-10mm local WF curvature
Extreme curvature dynamic:
Excellent accuracy of unreferenced sensor:
6nm rms measurement accuracy, no reference used
Excellent accuracy of unreferenced sensor:
  • Testing of LiDAR optics
  • Alignment of optical systems for ADAS
  • Camera module measurement
  • Head light optics inspection
  • Fiber optics alignment
  • Wavefront metrology in free space communcation
  • Measurement of short and ultra short pulse lasers
  • High power laser characterization
  • Laser module alignment
  • Alignment of fiber optical sytems
  • Inline-Monitoring of laser machines
  • Characterization of focusing optics
  • Measurement of thermal lensing effects
  • Simultaneous measurement of wavefront and intensity
  • Single-Shot-measurement of beam parameters
  • Characterization of spatial light modulators
  • Testing of deformable mirrors
  • Measurement of tunable lenses
  • Microscope objective lenses
  • Lenses for endoscopy
  • Laser systems
Testing and alignment of
  • adaptive optics
  • active Optics
  • Testing of telescopes
  • Alignment and characterization of laser guide stars
  • Alignment of optical systems for satellites
  • Wavefront measurement in free space communication

SHSCam wavefront sensors are available in different product versions and are suitable for applications from DUV to SWIR wavelengths. Two resolution options are available for the VIS / NIR range:

  • Models with high lateral resolution use a micro-lens array with a pitch of 75 µm and are particularly suitable for the detection of localized phase defects or the measurement of fine laser beams. Two versions are available: for wavelengths between 355nm-800nm or 800nm-1064nm.
  • The broadband series features a micro-lens pitch of 130µm for highest measuring accuracy and supports wavelengths between 355nm-1064nm.

For more details refer to sensor head overview.

The Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks offers extensive wavefront analysis functions for data acquisition, evaluation and output.

The user interface is both easy and flexible to configure, adapting to the designated measurement task, and provides you with the corresponding data and reports.

  • Complete Zernike analysis
  • PSF / MTF calculation
  • Laser beam parameter calculation
  • Efficient parameter handling
  • User-specific configuration
  • Pass / fail analysis
  • Configurable reports and data logging
  • Remote control via TCP/IP data interface

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