Lens testing using wavefront metrology

Measurement of the optical quality of lenses for photography and film

Whether telephoto, macro or wide-angle lens: a sound design, precise manufacturing and careful testing are prerequisites for high contrast and optimal imaging performance.

Wavefront measurement technology allows the imaging properties of a lens to be precisely determined using the transmitted wavefront and compared with the design as early as sample production. The wavefront aberrations on the axis and in the field are measured and chromatic or polarization effects are analysed.

Compared to classic MTF measurements, knowledge of the wavefront facilitates the identification of possible causes of errors, and provides considerably better options for comparison with simulation data. Due to the high intrinsic stability and evaluation speed, wavefront measurement technology is suitable for inline inspection and monitoring of the manufacturing process and is also used for active adjustment.

Inspection of filters and plano optics

Polarizing filters, gray filters and colour filters also contribute to the optical performance of the overall system, and should have a sufficiently sound transmitted wavefront. The extremely simple referencing of the inspection system with a blank measurement allows flat optics to be measured both easily and precisely.

Since the test wavelength can be set flexibly with the SHSInspect systems, the inspection of colour filters with different characteristics is possible without additional effort. Gray filters with optical densities up to OD 8 can also be measured in a single pass.

Our solution for the measurement of lens imaging quality

Systems and modules of the SHSInspect family measure the transmitted wavefront, PSF and MTF. Moreover, they provide information on colour aberrations, focal length and polarization effects, and enable measurements at field points.

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