SHSInspect 2Xpass

All-in-one test platform for comprehensive lens testing at field points


  • Wavefront measurement on- and off axis
  • Accuracy lambda/20 peak-to-valley
  • Semi-automatic measurement processes
  • Measurement of chromatic effects
  • Measurement of polarization effects

The turnkey all-in-one test platform SHSInspect 2Xpass enables semi-automatic, high-precision wavefront measurement of lenses at different wavelengths – on axis and at field points. The devices are used, e.g. for testing smartphone optics and photo lenses as well as for immersion microscope lenses. The range of functions includes:

  • Trasmitted wavefront at field points
  • Semi-automated measurement processes
  • Acquisition of wavefront, Zernike, PSF and MTF
  • Measurement of focal length and field curvature
  • Analysis of chromatic effects
  • Investigation of polarization effects

The objective to be tested is illuminated with a plane wave and checked against a spherical reference mirror. For the measurement of the transmitted wavefront in the field, the plane wave illumination is realized at a defined angle. The spherical mirror is shifted laterally accordingly. After manually adjusting the optics to be tested, the measurement is semi-automatic. The SHSInspect 2Xpass is equipped with various light sources to enable the analysis of chromatic effects.

Das SHSInspect 2Xpass misst Objektive unterschiedlichster Art. Je nach Applikation kommen verschiedene Geräteausführungen zum Einsatz.

  • Microscope objective lenses
  • Lenses for endoscopy
  • Laser systems
  • objective lenses for photography
  • Smartphone objective lenses
  • Plano optics, windows & filters
  • Testing of LiDAR optics
  • Alignment of optical systems for ADAS
  • Camera module measurement
  • Head light optics inspection
  • Objectvive lens testing
  • Alignment and testing of lithography systems
  • Testing of focus tunable lenses
  • Objective lens measurement
  • Inspection of optical filters
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scopes
  • Objective lenses
  • Testing and alignment of smartphone objective lenses
  • Inspection of windows and plano optics
  • Micro lens tesing
  • Alignment of micro optics

The SHSInspect 2Xpass is configured depending on the application and the properties of the lenses to be tested. The system can be equipped with up to 6 light sources from 355nm to 1064nm. The switching of the light source is motorized.

We will be happy to provide further technical specifications on request.

The SHSInspect 2Xpass uses Optocraft’s powerful Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks for Zernike analysis and PSF/MTF calculations. It is enhanced with extensions for semi-automatic measurement and the integration of vision control cameras.

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