Fully-automated inspection of ophthalmic lenses - in less than a second

Production-integrated measurement systems for quality assurance should be at least as fast as production itself. With cycle times of less than one second, Optocraft’s measurement modules are used in a variety of manufacturing related applications, e.g. in the inline inspection of contact lenses, intraocular lenses or focus tunable lenses, thus opening up new avenues for further development of your production.

Comprehensive quality assessment in 250 milliseconds

The SHSInspect 1Xpass module uses a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor to measure imaging quality and refractive power as well as a high-resolution camera to determine lens position and diameter. Optimized algorithms for image processing and wavefront reconstruction provide you with a comprehensive picture of the quality of your lens in less than 250 milliseconds, e.g. for a pass / fail classification.

Robust measurement and flexible integration

Due to the single-shot-based measurement principle and the use of two cameras, the modules are insensitive to vibration and misalignment of the sample under test. This makes them ideally suited for use in automated production and handling environments. Flexible interfaces allow quick and easy integration into a production line, both mechanically and in terms of software:

  • compact housing
  • customizable mounting hole pattern
  • control via TCP / IP protocol

Our solution for fully-automated inspection

Fast inline testing and flexible integration: The SHSInspect 1Xpass module

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