Measurement services

A measurement oftentimes is worth more than thousand words. Therefore we conduct demo measurements and feasibility studies. For a test in your lab we can also provide as loan a wavefront sensor or instrument.

Feasibility studies

For customized solutions and advanced development projects we can do feasibility studies, to reliably gauge possible limitations and challenges. Thereby we profit from our long-standing experience in raytracing simulations and our well-equipped application lab help.

Demo measurements

For a direct experience of the performance of Optcraft’s wavefront metrology, we are able to demonstrate typical applications in optics testing or laser beam characterisation – online or on-site in Erlangen. If you have the possibility to send typical samples for tests, we will do demo mesurements directly using your optics.

Loaner units

To test suitability of a Shack-Hartmann sensor or wavefront measurement system for your specific application, we offer the possibility to loan a sensor or system so you can directly evaluate Optocraft’s wavefront metrology in your lab.