Monitoring of laser systems with wavefront sensors

Characterisation of focusing optics

Focusing optics for laser cutting, welding or structuring are optimized to generate a defined focus. Wavefront measurements are carried out to verify and optimise the quality of such optics as well as for monitoring during operation. In particular, these applications benefit from the high intrinsic stability of the SHSLab wavefront sensor, and the possibility of using it at very different wavelengths. In addition to individual lenses, mirrors or beam splitters, F-Theta lenses, for example, can also be tested extensively.

Measurement of thermal lens effects

In applications with high power densities, absorption in laser processing optics can cause thermal effects that negatively affect laser beam quality. In the case of resonators or focusing optics, the use of a wavefront sensor enables the measurement of thermal lens effects and the associated focus shift, as well as the induced higher-order aberrations. Furthermore, the wavefront measurement provides an indication of the power absorbed in an optical element. With their outstanding sensitivity, Optocraft’s SHSLab wavefront sensors enable the detection of extremely weak effects in the optics used and the resulting laser beams.

Our solution for the monitoring of laser systems

The SHSLab wavefront sensor enables fast and accurate wavefront measurements in a wide range of wavelengths. Available for DUV (193nm-355nm), UV (266nm-405nm), VIS / NIR (355nm-1064nm) and SWIR (980nm-1700nm).

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