Wavefront measurement technology for optics in mobile devices

Inspection of smartphone lenses

Mobile devices use different front and rear cameras with lenses adapted to the respective application. Apart from the extremely limited installation space, these lenses have to operate even under poor lighting conditions, yet should deliver photos on a par with high-quality digital cameras.

The imaging properties of these lenses can be precisely determined with the transmitted wavefront. Due to the high evaluation rates, manufacturers of optics for mobile devices choose wavefront metrology for inline inspection and monitoring of the manufacturing process.

Wavefront sensors are also used for offline measurement on the axis and in the field. The detailed Zernike analysis, and the possibility of measuring at different wavelengths provide a significant advantage over classic MTF methods. In addition, polarization effects can be analyzed and focal lengths measured with the same multi-functional inspection system.

Inspection of plano optics and windows for mobile devices

The plano optics in front of the lenses also contribute to the overall optical performance and must also be inspected for quality. The systems used are easy to operate and, thanks to the excellent referencing option, measure extremely precisely. The test wavelength can be easily adapted for VIS or NIR. Automated measurement processes are carried out with cycle times of under one second. In addition to the transmitted wavefront, high-resolution images are provided for the detection of visual defects in the inspected optics.

Our solution for the inspection of optics in mobile devices

The systems and modules of the SHSInspect family measure the transmitted wavefront and PSF/MTF of lenses and flat optics. Moreover, they provide information on colour aberrations, focal length and polarization effects, and enable measurements at field points.

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