Wavefront metrology for machine vision applications

Imaging optics are normally not only checked on the axis, but also at field points. In addition to the image quality, information about focal length, image field curvature or chromatic effects are also collected.

Compared to classic MTF measurements, knowledge of the wavefront facilitates the identification of possible causes of errors, and provides considerably better options for comparison with simulation data.

The transmitted wavefront is measured within milliseconds and provides precise information about the individual aberrations of a lens. Since the wavefront is reconstructed from a single camera image, the method is fast and offers a high level of intrinsic stability. Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors are therefore also used for inline inspection tasks. For example, focus-variable optics with different refractive powers can be efficiently measured in the tray.

Our solution for machine vision applications

Systems and modules of the SHSInspect family measure the transmitted wavefront, PSF and MTF. Moreover, they provide information on chromatic effects, focal length and polarization effects and enable measurements at field points.

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