SHSWorks software

The powerful Shack-Hartmann software for acquiring, analyzing and evaluating the measurement data of Optocraft wavefront sensors and test systems


  • Complete Zernike analysis
  • PSF/MTF calculation
  • Determination of laser beam parameters
  • Individually configurable
  • Pass/Fail analysis
  • Extended reporting and data logging
  • Optional user access restriction
  • Remote control via TCP/IP

The sophisticated performance of Optocraft’s wavefront-based measuring systems results from the perfect match of hardware and software.

SHSWorks is the comprehensive data acquisition, analysis and evaluation software for all Optocraft Shack-Hartmann sensors, modules and test systems. It offers a wide range of functions for wavefront analysis and can be configured flexibly to adapt to the given measurement task. Moreover, it produces exactly the evaluations required.

SHSWorks supports both manual and automated data acquisition, enables extensive analyses and offers well-rounded options for output and report generation. Automatic sanity checks ensure maximum reliability.

The software uses a workspace format that contains both the measurement data and all individual evaluation parameters. Existing data can therefore be easily loaded and analyzed again. This simplifies creating backups and makes transferring files between different computers quick and easy.

SHSWorks is supplied with all wavefront sensors, measurement modules and inspection systems from Optocraft.  Additional modules are available depending on the application at hand, e.g.

  • analysis of the images from integrated vision control cameras
  • control of motors and readout of encoders
  • pass/fail analysis for quick evaluation of a measurement
  • TCP/IP data link for the measurement process automation

SHSWorks is available in two versions: SHSWorks STD offers all standard evaluation functions including the calculation of laser beam parameters and PSF/MTF. In addition, SHSWorks PRO provides extended I/O functions and a versatile pass/fail analysis.

Both SHSWorks versions use a unified workspace format that includes measurement data and all evaluation parameters as well as user-specific configurations like window and plot settings. This simplifies backups and transfer between different computers.

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