Laser beam characterisation using wavefront sensors

There is more to laser beam quality than just the intensity profile!

The Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor SHSLab offers a quick and easy way to comprehensively characterize laser sources and laser optical systems. In a single measurement, the wavefront and the intensity distribution are measured and essential laser beam parameters are derived, e.g.:

  • beam propagation factor M²
  • beam waist diameter and location
  • Rayleigh range

The SHSLab portfolio offers sensors for applications in the wavelength range from DUV to SWIR (193nm to 1700nm).

Hardware and software – together a perfect team

SHSLab comes with the powerful SHSWorks evaluation software, which makes your work easier with a comprehensive set of tools. It is easy to configure and can handle even the most demanding tasks: e.g a detailed analysis of the wavefront aberrations can provide important information about the properties of the beam source to be characterized. The presentation of the results can also be adapted to the intended use – depending on the customer’s objectives:

  • a clear and concise presentation of the measurement results for production
  • a very detailed presentation for R&D

Our solution for laser beam characterisation

The SHSLab wavefront sensor enables fast and accurate wavefront measurements in a wide range of wavelengths. Available for DUV (193nm-355nm), UV (266nm-405nm), VIS / NIR (355nm-1064nm) and SWIR (980nm-1700nm).

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