Measuring the surface shape of mirrors

Plano mirrors are used, for example, in fast beam steering systems for laser material processing or in free space communication. The surface quality plays an essential role, as deviations from the target surface shape lead to unwanted beam deflection and loss of optical power.

Defective mirrors are detected by wavefront-based testing in reflected-light configuration. Wavefront analysis can also be used to identify and monitor trends in the production process. The advantages are the contact-free testing with high intrinsic stability of 2nm RMS, as well as the fast data evaluation with wavefront reconstruction rates of 10Hz and more.

In addition to plano mirrors, spherical and aspherical mirrors can also be measured.

Our solution for wavefront measurement of mirrors

The SHSInspect RL module measures the surface shape deviation of plano mirrors, spherical and aspherical mirrors with highest precision. Accuracies in the lambda/20 PVr range can be achieved.

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