The Optocraft Academy comprises seminars, webinars and trainings and allows you to quickly dive into wavefront metrology or to deepen your knowlegde in optics alignment and testing.

Access the full potential of Optocraft’s wavefront metrology for your every day work.


It is important to us that you are able to tap the full potential of our Shack-Hartmann sensors and systems. Focused on your application, we respond to your concrete questions and problems. Ask our experienced specialists about an indiviual training on measurement systems, software, measurement configuration etc.

Optocraft trainings can be done online or on-site.


In our one-day seminars in Erlangen, you learn about wavefront metrology and its efficient application to optics testing and alignment. The talks on basic concepts and their practical application are complemented by hands-on trainigs on different wavefront mesurement systems where Optocraft engineers will answer your questions directly.

Contents covered:

  • Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing basics
  • Optics testing concepts
  • Typical applications of Shack-Hartmann metrology
  • Alignment
  • Advanced optics testing configurations


Compact and not tied to a single place, our online-webinars are an efficient alternative to our hands-on seminars. They focus on a well-defined bundle of selected topics in applications like testing of objective lenses, optahtlmic lenses or laser systems.

Contents covered:

  • Introduction to wavefront metrology
  • Typical applications of Shack-Hartmann sensors
  • Optics testing concepts
  • Selected metrology topics in optics / lasers and ophthalmics

14. - 16.05.2024