Our application engineers will help you with questions on the application of your wavefront measurement system or sensor, assist you with bringing your instrument into service and perform repair, upkeep or calibration services.

Technical support

Also after you have started working with your wavefront sensor or instrument, we are here for you – please contact


and provide the following information along with your request:

  • serial number of your sensor or instrument
  • your SHSWorks version
  • a measurement in shz- or sha-format

Quick first help oftentimes is possible via remote access. For this we use Team-Viewer (download the client here).

Getting started

You can easily do the first steps alone – we provide detailed documentation on the start up of a wavefront sensor or system. Of course we are there for your, should you have questions on how to bring your Shack-Hartmann instrument into service or on your specific application Furthermore we offer remote or on-site trainings and can also do the installation of your system directly for you.

Calibration services

In our labs we have the possibility to re-calibrate your SHSLab wavefront sensor. That way, you receive a direct up-to-date confirmation of the performance of your Shack-Hartmann sensor or system.

For calibration of your SHSOphthalmic-instrument we offer lenses with certified refractive power. On our internal calibration stands, we can do a factory calibration of the refractive power of individual lenses.

Remark: Optocraft is not an accredited lab. However, Optocraft factory calibration of refractive power is traceable to standards.

Service and Repair

A first diagnose often is possible via remote connection, so we are able to quickly react to your request. Should a repair be necessary, an Optocraft engineer can do this on-site or alternatively, repair can be done at Optocraft. In the latter case we will provide an RMA-number for your shipment, in order to guarantee an efficient processing of the repair at Optocraft.