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Your market: Ophthalmology

Companies  in  ophthalmic  industry  for  contact lenses  and  intra-ocular  lenses  seek  to  maintain and improve the vision of their customers. New  materials, optical design or geometric properties offer a broad range of potential innovations. yet, also classical contact lens designs will not disappear from the market. Customers will be satisfied and will trust in the product, if a high and constant quality is achieved and maintained throughout the years.

A  highly  skilled  team  working  in  a  modern  and powerful  technical  environment  is  the  basis  for this success. Optocraft is committed to contribute high end metrology instruments and consulting to this process to assess and quantify the quality  of the products.

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R&D, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

High quality, multi-functional instruments

Optocrafts goal is to make daily work in research & development, quality control and quality assurance more easy, reliable and cost effective. It develops and produces high quality, multifunctional metrology instruments that prove their superior functionality day by day.

Optocraft achieves this by listening carefully to the customer’s needs and by consequently feeding the customer's feedback in the development process of the instruments. Both the practical experience of the operators and the innovative attitude of engineers in ophthalmic industry contribute to the progress in Optocrafts instruments.

Standard and tailor-made instruments

High speed and ease of use

The SHSOphthalmic products range from standard instruments to fully customized solutions. Upon their superior functional range, reliability, speed and ease of use, many customers worldwide rely on them in R&D and production. Even the standard systems can be configured well to the specific needs and processes, so a smooth and effective standard operation procedure can be achieved.

Thanks to the skilled, interdisciplinary team and to the exceptional quality of Optocraft’s technology, perfectly customized solutions are developed, e.g. special workstations or in-line test systems for automated production.

Refractive power, geometry and cosmetics

All in one

The SHSOphthalmic instruments are made for in-process control, for finished lens testing and for the measurement of tools and molds. The functional range can cover a single, several or even all of the following properties:

> Refractive power: sph, cyl, axis, prism, add, power map, image quality
> Geometric data: surface deviation, radius of curvature, diameter, sag, BCOR
> Cosmetic defects: bubbles, inclusions, defects, lathe grooves, etc.
The numerical results can be used for detail studies and for summary reports, can be transferred to a data file or a database, and, last but not least, all data can be stored and archived for regulatory purposes.

Testimonial Ophthalmology

“For several years, we use SHSOphthalmic instruments in production and development of contact lenses. Functional range and quality of the instruments, but also the excellent and obliged support are of very high value for us in the daily business.”

Mr. Stefan Muckenhirn
Hecht Contactlinsen GmbH