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SHSInspect: Metrology platform for optical elements and systems

SHSInspect is a metrology platform for all kind of optical elements and optical systems such as lenses, filters, high end objectives (e.g. microscope objectives, laser objectives, inspection objectives), consumer optics (e.g., automotive applications, mobile phone objectives), and much more. It is based on the SHSLab wavefront sensor of Optocraft but also utilizes other techniques such as image recognition, polarization optics etc. SHSInspect can be delivered as a complete turnkey solution or as measurement modules which can be integrated by the customer into his own solution.

In order to build such high performance systems, Optocraft selects finest components such as light sources, electronic, mechanics etc. and combines them with components and modules developed by the skilled Optocraft team. SHSInspect are products, developed with know-how and passion.


SHSInspect 1Xpass, 2Xpass, Reflex

The basic types of SHSInspect instruments are for transmitted light testing in single pass (1Xpass) or double pass (2Xpass), and for reflected light testing (Reflex, RL). In detail, many different measurement  tasks can be solved with the SHSInspect platform, such as:
• Wave aberrations on axis and in the field
• Optical parameters: back focal length, effective focal length
• Adjustment of optical systems
• Chromatic aberrations: axial, lateral
• Magnification
• Field curvature
• Polarization effects
• There are instruments for just one of these tasks but also for several or all of them.

SHSInspect autoLab

For medium to high volume production of optics, Optocraft offers solutions for automated measurement of optics. This ranges from integration of SHSInspect systems into a robot environment with micro-mechanical handling, or into fully automated production lines with automated adjustment and mounting. Also stand-alone solutions for testing optics on wafer-level or on trays are developed and produced by Optocraft.