SHSInspect prio

SHSInspect prio

Make lens quality your PRIOrity!

Contact and intraocular lens testing with highest precision and faster than a blink of an eye – Optocraft’s wavefront measurement technology has already pushed technological limits and set industrial standards in the past. With the SHSInspect prio, we have now created a modular device platform that allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your individual application and also to retrofit or adapt some of the options at a later date. The SHSInspect prio grows with you and with your needs.

The SHSInspect prio offers the advantages of Optocraft’s industrial wavefront measurement technology for the measurement of RGP lenses or soft lenses: in fractions of a second, the SHSInspect prio provides precise measurement data on wavefront, power map, lens diameter and visual defects, with minimal operator influence.

With the high-resolution version, finest details of the power map of multifocal lenses can be precisely detected or phase defects can be recognized more accurately. The multifunctional illumination module increases the visibility of edge defects and of scratches and improves the detection of marks that are barely visible under standard illumination.

In final inspection, the phenomenally short measuring time is a key requirement. But also the time required to insert into and to remove the lenses from the measuring system adds to the total cycle time. For this reason, an open-top cuvette is now also available for the SHSInspect prio, which simplifies the handling of soft contact lenses and significantly reduces the time required for the entire measuring process. The connected pump ensures a stable temperature and cleanliness of the saline solution in the cuvette.

Contact us to find out which configuration of the SHSInspect prio is best suited to your daily measurement application. With our well-known first-class service, we are at your side not only during the purchase, but also with the commissioning and use of the devices.


More information: SHSInspect prio.