SHSOphthalmic base

Measurement of contact and intraocular lenses – the easy way


  • Fast measurement, <0.25 sec
  • Acquisition of refractive data, diameter and image quality
  • Compact, turnkey device
  • Customizable

SHSOphthalmic base is the flexible all-round system for measuring sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and refractive power distribution as well as the imaging properties of contact and intraocular lenses.

Thanks to Optocraft’s wavefront technology, the SHSOphthalmic base measures at high speed (<0.25 sec) with astounding accuracy and reproducibility. At the same time, it is insensitive to vibrations, as the measurement process involves no moving parts.

  • IOL testing in liquid
  • Instantaneous measurement of refractive data and imaging quality
  • Haptics-recognition
  • Visual defect recognition
  • Testing of RGP and soft lenses
  • Instantaneous measurement of refractive data and imaging quality
  • Visual defect recognition
  • Measurement of lens geometry

In its standard version, the SHSOphthalmic base works with 59 x 59 sampling points for capturing image quality and refractive data. In addition, it is equipped with a vision control camera with 1000 x 1000 pixels. Optional models with 117 x 117 or 203 x 203 sampling points are available.
Versions with a higher resolution vision control camera (2000 x 2000 pixels) can be supplied. The refractive power measurement is traceable and calibrated according to ISO 18369.

We are happy to supply detailed specifications on request.

The SHSOpthtalmic base uses the powerful Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks to determine the refractive data, power distribution and Zernike analysis. The integrated evaluation of the images from the vision control camera enables quick lens edge detection, haptic recognition and position determination.

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