SHSOphthalmic cito

Results in the blink of an eye!

Standard measuring system for refractive data, image quality and diameter.


  • Measurement of refractive data, image quality and diameter
  • Fast and precise
  • Efficient and ergonomic operation
  • Compact and robust design

Results in the blink of an eye – powerful and fast. The standard solution for measuring refractive data, diameter and image quality.

SHSOphthalmic cito measures three key parameters for the quality of contact lenses in one single step: refractive data (sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, power distribution), diameter and image quality. It excels with its simplicity of operation, and is delivered completely preconfigured.

Suitable for quality testing of contact lenses in air or saline, the system delivers the measurement results almost instantaneously – as soon as the lens is placed on the test aperture. Besides the fast evaluation rate, the wavefront technology provides high intrinsic stability so that the device can be used in the laboratory as well as in production.

  • Testing of RGP and soft lenses
  • Instantaneous measurement of refractive data and imaging quality
  • Visual defect recognition
  • Measurement of lens geometry
  • Testing of optical windows
  • Inspection of filters

The SHSOphthalmic cito is available in two versions:

  • a basic version with 54 x 54 sampling points for recording image quality and refractive data
  • the plus version with increased resolution of 93 x 93 sampling point

Both devices are also equipped with a vision control camera that images the tested lens with 680 x 680 pixels. This is also optionally available with a higher resolution.

The refractive power measurement is traceably calibrated and is carried out in accordance with ISO 18369.

The SHSOpthtalmic cito uses the powerful Shack-Hartmann software SHSWorks to determine the refractive data, power distribution and Zernike analysis. The integrated evaluation of the images from the vision control camera enables quick detection of lens edge and position.

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