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SHSLab: Universal tool for testing optics

The wavefront sensor SHSLab is the universal tool for testing optics, optical systems and laser beams in research, development and production. The technical principle allows to measure wavefronts in single shot technique, so it is very fast and insensitive from environmental influences. Furthermore, through its excellent hardware (SHSCam) and software (SHSWorks) Optocrafts SHSLab offers superior accuracy, dynamic range and flexibility.

SHSLab is available in several product versions. This opens up a large spectrum of applications that Optocrafts customer can use SHSLab in.


History and principle

In 1904, Johannes Hartmann published a technique for measuring objectives by using a metal mask with holes in it. The so called Hartmann-screen test was born. It took until 1971 when Roland Shack improved the technique for applications in astronomy and space by making the principle more light efficient, using an array of microlenses instead of holes.

SHSLab uses this geometric-optical Shack-Hartmann principle to measure wavefronts. A microlens array transforms the local directions of beams into an array of focal spots on a camera. The deviation of the spots from reference is calculated and finally the wavefront from these spot deviations via numerical integration.